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The Documentary

The mountains are not just made of rock and ice.


They are made of desires, hopes, dreams, hard work and persistence.


It takes a lot to plan, prepare and go on an expedition not only in terms of financial challenges but also in terms of training, physical strength and above all mental perseverance. Imagine leaving life as you know it to pursue a dream few understand but most respect.


Every great endeavor consists of moments of success and failures, of small victories and large defeats, but above all, all great things are made from the desire to rise above ourselves and what we know, challenge what is true and prove that ultimately, we are what we desire.

Kornilios will set out to create a unique documentary of the expedition in Denali, Alaska along with Panagiotis.

His documentary will tell a story; a story of two men, different but yet so similar to each other who, together, will roam the ices of Alaska and set out to summit Denali Mountain. 

It will tell a story of effort, friendship, hard and good times, and the allure of mountains in the unique scenery of frozen Alaska.

The documentary will have original music score, and it will be as unique as the team of the expedition.

Production: Kornilios Sarantioglou, Vertigo Production

Production Consultant: Giannis Traganidas

Production Management: Krinanthi Ioannidou

Direction Consultant: Nikos Krontiras

Editing Consultant: Chris Konstantinou

Original Score: Kostas Maragos

Sound Design: Christos Solakis

3D Animation Videos: Philip Kamenitsas

Animator: Mary Brokaki

Cameraman: Loukianos Papadopoulos



Promotional Materials

“May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits.” – Harley King

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