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Promotional Materials

We want to offer you as much as you offer us and, together, create something exciting and extraordinary. 



They say a photo is 1.000 words.

We say, photos and videos create a narrative that no amount of words can describe.


In the digital era a professional photography and video production conveys the essence of a brand, tells a story and communicates  ambiance, feelings and values. Not to mention that videos are the top trend in today's word.


We will provide you with image and video content, edited according to your communication purposes:

• Photographs of every step of the expedition featuring your brand or products

• Video clips edited for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube as per your guidelines

• Video & Drone raw footage of every step of the expedition




To most people, Panagiotis is known as the leader of the 1st Greek expedition to summit Mt Everest.

To the corporate world, he is known as an inspirational speaker who does not focus on theory but on strategic thinking and action.

To his students, he is a mentor, an undeniably valuable teacher, an advocate of life-long learning and hard work.

To everyone, he is an unquestionable leader who represents passion, hard work, perseverance, entrepreneurship, grit, integrity and the modesty only true fighters possess. 

As the ambassador of your desired communication campaign he will convey fundamental values via uniquely created visuals. 



It is not every day that two of the best in their own field join forces on a project.


And it is not every day that a project is driven by the fire of creation.


Kornilios' documentary of his latest project in the Himalayas caught the media eye and he was interviewed in ONE Channel's show "Citizen ONE" not long after the documentary made its premiere. Denali 2022 is already featured in, athens voice,, alpha radio, NITRO magazine etc.

For Denali, the buzz will be even greater with the joined forces of Panagiotis and Kornilios together.

_DSC3744 final.jpg






Viewers have the lowest attention span due to the amazing amount of information that is being served to them every second. For that, digital promotional content should be sharp, smart and creative in order to stand out and capture the eye.


The images and videos you will get will stand out, featuring products and services as per your strategy.


Why? Because of the state of the art equipment which is updated every year and on our expedition will we have the best technology has to offer. But also, because Kornilios has a long experience of creating and editing unique content having worked with big clients for more than 20 years. 

Together we will create the best, for the best and by the best.

The mountains do not represent climbing, expeditions, ice and rock. 


They represent goals, hard work, desires, dreams and integrity.


These values are core to a business that respects its customers and employees and these are the values that will be  communicated by your involvement in our expedition. 

Your employees and you, will be proud to be part of something great and noble and your audience will cherish a company that supports great endeavors that challenge the norm and strive for success.


What inspires you? What inspires the decisions you make, the things you buy, the roads you travel, the effort you put into things, the goals you set?


The truth is it doesn't matter. Inspiration comes from within and all it takes to spark the decision to follow a dream is the belief that they come true.

Together, we can provide inspiration for your teams to dream big and work hard to reach the top.

Panagiotis and Kornilios will be available to share their experience in interviews, inspirational talks and team-building sessions you may want to organize for your employees.


If you are reading these lines, you already know you support dreams.

Let's make them true together.

Photos & Videos

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” – Barry Finlay

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